“The ethics of business is the ethics of responsibility. The business man must promise that he will not harm knowingly”

Raymond C. Baumhart



We see ourselves as the extended arm, ear and eye of our customer.

We deliver our best efforts that all business objectives and practices are aligned to create a positive impact for your world-wide supply chain, the surrounding environment and for you.



Fashion De Executive is trying to introduce new technology to the client for using sustainable materials to build sustainable future planet. We are invested in solutions, partners and suppliers that create new products from materials that can be reused, recycled and reborn into a new product. We can help your company reach your sustainability goals and work together to protect our living planet, Earth.

Fashion De Executive is committed to ethical, compliant and sustainable sourcing in every aspect of our operations and supply chain management. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is the tool where we execute rigorous supplier certifications, coaching and mentoring, proprietary audits and unannounced monitoring. All manufacturers are also required to achieve and maintain both Fashion De Executive certifications and those of the individual buyers/customers or other international accredited organizations.



Fashion De Executive works to help ensure the products delivered to the buyers comply with safety, regulatory, quality and performance standards all throughout the production process.

“the finish products comply with most demanding standards”

Quality is our top priority: we drive for excellence in our products and services to fulfill our customers’ satisfaction.

These concrete values are achieved through attention to details and continuous drive towards perfection. Quality and excellent service are the strengths representing Fashion De Executive.

These are always recognized by customers all over the world and it keeps the company focused and committed.

Quality is the core of FDE quality assurance services business model.

Everyone in the company is accountable for quality.

As we always say, inside the Company and “on the road”.

Quality can only be improved with continuous development. Everyone at FDE, regardless of position, is committed to be part of the Team, that constantly drives improvement and sustains the quality of products delivered to the customer.

We are the extended arm, ear and eye of our customer!