About Us

Welcome to our Fashion De Executive

Fashion De Executive is an established global supply chain manager and a sustainable virtual manufacturing group with razor-sharp focus on products and prices. Our evolution over the last 17 years characterizes our passion in delivering true benefits to our global customers in the fashion industry.

FDE provides sustainable sourcing for the fashion industry. Our solid relationships with manufacturers and quality suppliers around the globe ensure that we maintain high production standards through our team of on-site inspection agents and international trade specialists.

Our highly competitive product prices and professional service fees position us to operate on short lead times, low margins and flexible volume together with our partner suppliers in key low-cost and duty-free countries. FDE has a strong ability to work with any of the world’s fashion apparel companies or consumer goods discounter.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: DESIGN • PRICE • TRUST We strive to be ahead of our competitors in product and price by leveraging our Design Studio and highly skilled merchandisers in product costing. Our collection proposals enable our customers to buy quickly and frequently resulting to shorter lead times. We guarantee our customers’ trust.

We provide sustainable products and sourcing solutions for apparels, fashion accessories, decorative accessories and other.

We take our time to understand the customer, their brand and business objectives before offering focused collection proposals and our manufacturing facilities.

We continue to build our position as market leaders in sustainable supply chain management with our firm commitment to deliver tangible benefits to our customers.